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Save Ourselves

Save Ourselves (S.O.S.) is a program designed to uplIft and encourage current and former transgender sex workers to become and remain sustainable through mutual aid and community support.
We m
eet on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of every month in Boston & Worcester, MA.

S.O.S. is led by Vella Riley and aims to create a network of resources, community, and empowerment among trans sex-workers.

Join a group of current transgender and gender expansive sex-workers every other week to find support, vital resources, and empowerment in a safe and uplifting space.

Food and stipends provided *Stipend amount is contingent upon the availability of funding*

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"As a former sex-worker social resources were an imperative part of my survival. I believe that it's only right that I continue to assist in providing resources for other former/current Transgender sex-workers."
-Chastity Bowick

We're Currently Accepting New Members for 2024-2025!

We could not run this program without the support of our fiscal sponsor, The Center For Hope and Healing, and generous donations from our supporters! 


Want to be one of the generous sponsors for S.O.S.?


Educating & Uplifting our Communities!


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