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CCTG empowers Transgender individuals, with an emphasis on Transgender Women of Color to learn the skills and tools necessary to move into stability while advocating for and with our community in a variety of settings.

Trans 101+102

This training provides a comprehensive overview of key concepts including proper terminology, gender identities, stereotypes, pronouns, and essential interaction skills necessary for effectively engaging with the transgender community. Participants emerge with a heightened understanding of transgender identities and improved techniques for fostering inclusive interactions within this community.

How to Effectively be an Ally to
Transgender & GNC Individuals

Can you assist a trans person who was just discriminated against in the bathroom? What would you say? As an ally, how would you stick up for this person? Get the answers in this training and much more!

This training is ideal for individuals new to working with the transgender community, offering insights into becoming a genuine ally beyond just declaring so. Gain the skills to effectively support a transgender individual who has faced discrimination, discover strategies for advocating on behalf of the community and learn additional valuable insights in this comprehensive training session.

How to Effectively Work with
Transgender Adults of Color

Misunderstandings about transgender individuals often lead to the mistaken belief that everyone shares the same experiences. This could not be further from the truth. Transgender people from diverse backgrounds undergo different journeys, BIPOC Trans Women especially often face unique challenges within society. This training session explores how to support transgender people of color, highlighting the differences compared to their white counterparts and offering valuable insights for effective engagement. If you’re looking to bring more diversity and inclusion into the workplace, this is the training for you!

Refine Your Transgender Programming for Community Support Services

 Elevate the impact of your community support services with our program assessments tailored for organizations addressing domestic violence, homelessness, and supporting transgender & LGBTQ+ individuals, and sexual assault survivors. Whether crafting new initiatives or refining existing programs, we specialize in creating solutions that are highly effective for these specific populations. Partner with us to enhance your organization's ability to provide essential support and empower those in need.

Refine Your Programming for
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
Survivor Support Services

We offer program assessments and development for organizations serving domestic violence and sexual assault survivors of all identities. While we specialize in BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, our service is extended to organizations serving all populations of survivors. Created by Chastity, a survivor herself, this service emphasizes the profound impact and firsthand experience that inform our effectiveness in serving those in need. This personal insight ensures that our support is not only empathetic but also deeply attuned to the diverse experiences of all impacted. Partner with us to strengthen your organization's ability to provide essential support and empower survivors.

All training and speaker requests can be tailored to your organization. New trainings can also be created around your request. Fee for trainings depends on the number of participants and duration of training. For more information, email Chastity’s Consulting and Talent Group at


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