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Welcome to Chastity Bowick Consulting & Talent Group

CCTG empowers Transgender individuals, specifically Transgender Women of Color, to learn the skills and tools necessary to move into stability while advocating for and with our community in a variety of settings.

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Save Ourselves Drop-In Group

This new initiative is led by Vella Riley and aims to create a network of resources, community, and empowerment among trans sex-workers.

Join a group of current transgender and gender expansive sex-workers each week to find support, vital resources,

and empowerment in a safe and uplifting space.

  • Save Ourselves, A Weekly Support Group for Current Transgender Sex Workers

  • Gender And Sexuality Cultural Competency Training

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

  • Public Health Program Development & Strategy 

  • Linkage to Community Resources

  • Political Mobilization and Organizing

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Modeling & Voiceovers of Diverse Trans Talent

Chastity accepts keynote speaking invitations and speeches on her life journey thus far including transitioning, former sex-worker experiences, homelessness experiences, employment harassment, housing discrimination, tokenization and much more. 

All trainings/speaker requests can be tailored to your organization. New trainings can also be created around your request. Fee for trainings depends on the number of participants and duration of training.

For more information email

Speaing Engagements
  • Trans 101 & 102 

  • How to Effectively Work With Transgender Adults of Color 

  • How to effectively be an Ally to Transgender/GNC individuals: 

  • Incorporating Intersectionality & Cultural Humility: 

    • Refine Your Transgender Programming for community support services 

    • Refine Your Programming for Domestic violence/ Sexual Assault Survivor support services

Reach out to for personalized trainings and more.

CCTG specializes in planning and managing a variety of LGBTQ+ events, including Pride marches, tabling, ball production, and pride activation events, ensuring each celebration is impactful and inclusive.

For more information email

Speaing Engagements

Educating & Uplifting our Communities!


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